Things to Do in San Gil

Things to Do in San Gil

Things to Do in San Gil


San Gil is a municipality located in the department of Santander, Colombia. San Gil is known as the tourist capital of Santander and Extreme Sports Activities of Colombia. Thousands of domestic and foreign travelers come to San Gil every year to get out of the routine and live an extraordinary adventure in one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia.

If you travel through South America San Gil is one of the best places to visit during your trip, its people, its gastronomy and its extreme sports activities make it a destination with a very complete offer of activities for all tastes. If you're wondering what places to visit and what things to do in San Gil, we recommend the following plans:

For the river lovers is the rafting. If you are more adventurous and you are looking for an extreme experience, the rafting on the Suarez River is perfect for you because it has rapids up to class V and it´s one of the best rafting experiences in South America. On the other hand, if you are in San Gil and looking for a more peaceful plan with your family or friends, rafting on the Fonce River is the ideal place for you, where you can connect with nature and have a great time.

Another of the most popular extreme sports activities in San Gil is paragliding. A few kilometers from San Gil, in the municipality of Curití, you will find one of the best flyers point in Santander. There you can feel the freedom to fly and lose the fear of heights, while enjoying a beautiful landscape. If you are looking for an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, we recommend paragliding in the Chicamocha Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world and one of the most visited places in Colombia, nominated to be part of the 7 wonders of the world. Paragliding in the Chicamocha Canyon is submerged in its majesty while you remain completely amazed by the visa of mountains, rivers and municipalities of Santander.

The caves in Santander are very old places and they keep the history of the villages. Very close to San Gil are Cow Cave in Curití and Indian Cave in Páramo, Santander. These caves allow you a total disconnection with the outside world to connect with yourself and with nature. During your trip you will cross ice water wells, large vaults with rock formations known as stalactites and stalagmites and a number of obstacles that will make this activity a great adventure.

Other popular activities in San Gil are the Bike Tours touring the mountains characteristic of our region and living local experiences that connect you with the Colombian culture. Canyoning and Trekking are extreme sports activities that are increasingly stronger in this range of activities because it integrates hiking through the canyon, jumps, obstacles and rappel from several meters high.

We can not fail to mention the Bungee Jumping, the zipline, the zipline Bike, the Extreme Slingshoot and the Extreme Swing, very popular activities that attract travelers from all over the world to San Gil, Colombia.

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