Bungee Jumping San Gil

Bungee Jumping San Gil

Bungee Jumping San Gil

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If you like the adventure and extreme sports there is nothing better than a 70 meter free fall in Bungee Jumping in San Gil.  100% adrenaline discharge. 

With more than 12 years of experience and over 60.000 comercial jumps, Bungee Jumping in San Gil is consolidated as one of the most popular atracttions in Colombia. Thousands of travellers come to San Gil every year to do Bungee Jumping by their self or in couple. Bungee Jumping in San Gil it´s an unforgettable experience that brings you more confidence and energy, leaving behind insecurity, fear and stress. 

In Traveler Hostel San Gil we provide you all the information you need about Bungee Jumping to feel the adrenaline of practice this extreme sport in San Gil.

Schedule time for Bungee Jumping in San Gil: Any time from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Duration of Bungee Jumping in San Gil: 15 minutes.

Includes: Insurance against accidents, photos, equipment and Bungee Jumping specialized instructorsThis activity doesn´t includes transportation. To get to the Bungee Jumping Platform itps very easym you have to take a local bus in the small bus terminal located just few blocks from Traveler Hostel San Gil or 5 from the main square park. or you can take a taxi to the place.

Bungee Jumping Price 1 person jump: $80.000 COP.

Bungee Jumping Price 2 person jump : $120.000 COP.

Note: Bungee Jumping San Gil have the video service with a go pro camera to record the adventur for an extra charge of $20.000 COP.


If you want to know more information about Bungee Jumping in San Gil or you want to book it, you can do it for free through our website www.travelerhostel.com, mail reservas@travelerhostel.com,or calling/texting/Whatsapp us +57 302 206 4223.

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